San Marino confirms Junior Eurovision participation!

San Marino has just became the 15th country confirming participation at this year’s Junior Eurovision!

San Marino joined Junior Eurovision for the first time last year, they were represented by the Italian singer “Michele Perniola” (winner of Ti Laszio una Canzone”) with the song “O-o-o Sole Intorno a Me” composed by himself along with Piero Romitelli, Massimiliano Messieri and Antonello Carozza.

Today at a meeting in the country, participation in Junior Eurovision 2014 was approved by the Director General of San Marino RTV Carlo Romeo. Further details about who will represent San Marino, and the song to be sung in Malta, will be revealed before the month is out.

All countries are required to submit their entries by the Head of Delegation meeting on 30 September, unless the Steering Group grants them special dispensation.

With a population of just over 32,000, the last year, San Marino was granted special dispensation from the Steering Group that allows them to select a singer of either San Marinese or Italian nationality. Don’t forget Italy will take part at this year’s competition with the young singer Vincenzo Cantille so, will this mean two Italian singers will be competing in Malta?



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