ESCplus Team

Iván Trejo, Spain
Senior Editor - International Manager - Webmaster
Joey Sigona, USA
Senior Editor - International Manager - Senior Reporter
Miguel Pons, Spain
Web Writer - Graphic and Web Designer - Polls Coordinator - Video Editor
Adrián Valiente, Spain
Senior Editor
David Carros
Editor/Social media manager
Ifigeneia Filippidou, Greece/Sweden
Denis Kurris, The Netherlands
Editor / Vlogger
Marc Marín García
Jamie Davies, United Kingdom
Reporter - Commentator
Steph Parker, Australia
Web Co-Developer
Tono Gisbert, Spain
Interview Editor - Public Relationships
Gabriel Carballo, Spain
Social Media Manager

We also want to thank all contributors, broadcasters, heads of delegations, press contacts, managers, artists, all supporters and visitors for appreciating our work and dedication.

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