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Today: Watch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 live from Poland

The big day is here! Today the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will take place at TVP’s studios in Warsaw. This unusual edition will see 12 countries compete for the crystal microphone with pre-recorded performances, but the rest of the show including the results will be broadcast live!

The most exciting change in this year’s line-up is Germany, that will participate in Junior Eurovision for the first time ever. Sadly, we won’t see Australia, Albania, Armenia*, Wales, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and North Macedonia competing this year mostly due to the difficult situation happening around the world, but almost all of them are expected to come back in the near future.

Today the participating countries will compete in the following running order:

 01 GermanySusanStronger With You
 02 KazakhstanKarakat BashanovaForever
 03 The NetherlandsUnityBest Friends
 04 SerbiaPetar AničićHeartbeat
 05 BelarusArina PehterevaAliens
 06 PolandAla TraczI’ll Be Standing
 07 GeorgiaSandra GadeliaYou Are Not Alone
 08 MaltaChanel MonseigneurChasing Sunsets
 09 RussiaSofia FeskovaMy New Day
 10 SpainSoleáPalante
 11 UkraineOleksandr BalabanovVidkryvai (Open Up)
 12 FranceValentinaJ’imagine


The online voting method, which has undergone minor changes, will have two different rounds:

  • First phase (open now): The voting window will be open until today when the show starts, at 15.59 CET. You are required to watch a recap of all 12 performances before you can cast your votes. Then, can enjoy 20-seconds clips of each performance and vote for 3 countries, including yours.
  • Second phase: When all the songs have been performed at the final, second voting window will be open for 15 mins and you will be able to vote for 3 countries again.


A combination of both rounds of voting will decide 50% of the final outcome, while the other half will be decided by a professional jury panel in each country made up of adults and kids. The juries voted yesterday watching the same performances that will be shown during the show.

The amount of points the audience awards is based on the total amount of points from the National Juries. As we have 12 participating countries, the juries will award a total of 696 points. Each National Jury will award 58 points (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12). The audience points are determined by the percentage of votes received per country. For example, if a song gets 20% of the votes, it receives 20% of the available points (20% from 696 points = 139 points)., explained the EBU.


This year’s show will be full of winners. Viki Gabor will be performing her winning song ‘Superhero’ at the opening act, but that won’t be the only time she will sing. Viki will later join two other winners, Duncan Laurence, who won Eurovision 2019 for The Netherlands, and Roksana Węgiel, the winner of Junior Eurovision 2018, also from Poland.


One more artist will perform during the show, Alicja Szemplińska, who was selected to represent Poland at this year’s Eurovision, will sing her entry ‘Empires’. She’s been lately reported as the chosen Polish performer for Eurovision 2021.

The show will also see some dance acts perform this year’s Junior Eurovision theme song ‘Move The World’, which was composed by Gromee (Eurovision 2018) live on stage and a routine dedicated to different professions. All 12 entrants will also perform the theme song during the final and will appear together on stage using augmented reality.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which will be hosted by Ida Nowakowska, Małgorzata Tomaszewska and Rafał Brzozowski, will start an hour later than previous editions. So, you can watch the show live from Warsaw, Poland, at 17:00 CET on TV and on-line.

For more further information about the contest, the participants and an exclusive scorecard, download our handbook:

[lockercat]Click here to download the PDF file.[/lockercat]

Who do you want to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020? Vote in our poll!

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020
Spain: Soleá - Palante
France: Valentina - J´imagine
Belarus: Arina Pehtereva - Aliens
The Netherlands: Unity - Best Friends
Poland: Ala Tracz - I´ll Be Standing
Kazakhstan: Karakat Bashanova - Forever
Georgia: Sandra Gadelia - You Are Not Alone
Germany: Susan - Stronger with you
Ukraine: Oleksandr Balabanov - Vidkryvai (Open Up)
Russia: Sofia Feskova - My New Day
Malta: Chanel Monseigneur - Chasing Sunsets
Serbia: Petar Aničić - Heartbeat
Number of voters: 330

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