Tickets for Eurovision 2014 on sale this Friday

It’s the moment many Danish and fans from across Europe have been waiting for. The very first tickets to the three live shows and six dress rehearsals of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest are set to go on sale this Friday, 29th of November at 10:00 Central European Time (CET) on

The next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to the tickets for the three live shows on those dates, it is possible to buy tickets to the so-called ‘jury shows’, during which juries in all participating countries determine their vote.

Tickets for the afternoon family rehearsals are going on sale as well. Due to their timing, they’re well-suited for families with children.

Prices of the tickets will start at approximately 14 euros and can only be bought through, the official ticket handler.

On Friday, one-third of all tickets will go on sale. More are to come after additional details of the shows are put in place. Next batch is to be on sale on the 31st of January and more to follow in April. Each time new tickets are released, tickets will be available in all categories and for all shows.

It has already been determined that Sweden will compete in the first Semi-Final, and Norway in the second. The remaining participating countries’ placements in the Semi-Finals will be drawn in January.

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