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How to Vote in Eurovision from the United States: A Guide for US Viewers

Just like last year, Eurofans across America (and the world) will be able to vote for their favourite songs.

Since the last edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, viewers from around the globe have had the opportunity to vote for their favourite songs through online voting. This year, this possibility remains, albeit with some modifications. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to arrive at the shows fully informed and ready to support your favourites.

Access to cast your votes for Eurovision 2024

Regarding the voting mechanics, there have been no changes from last year. You must visit the website (which will be active during the voting period) and select the song you wish to vote for. You can allocate up to 20 votes, which can all be given to the same song or distributed among several entries. The cost per vote is €0.99, debited from a bank card issued in the USA.

In terms of the voting timeframe, the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has announced that this year, individuals from non-participating countries who wish to cast their votes will have two opportunities to do so: there will be an initial voting window opening after the rehearsal, held 24 hours before the official broadcast of each show, closing minutes before both the semi-finals and the grand final begin. The second voting window will open after all songs have been performed during the Tuesday and Thursday galas and will remain open for 15 to 25 minutes. On Saturday, voting will reopen before the performances start and will close 40 minutes after the 26th participant has performed.

All votes received from these countries will be tallied, and the top ten countries with the most votes will constitute the collective vote of the “Rest of the World“, which will then be added to the top 10 televotes from each participating country. From this total, the public vote will determine the song that will win the coveted glass microphone.


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