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Which Eurovision 2024 Song Dominates Streaming Platforms?

Discover the Most Streamed Tracks of Eurovision 2024 and Their Impact

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has arrived once again, captivating audiences across Europe with remarkable streaming figures exceeding 257 million streams and continuing to rise. As the turquoise carpet unfurls and the opening ceremony kicks off in Malmö (Sweden), the Eurovision extravaganza begins its thrilling week.

Following days of intense rehearsals, the 37 countries participating in the 68th edition of the European contest are gearing up for the decisive moment. From May 7th to May 11th, Malmö will host live performances where artists will compete for the coveted crystal microphone.

From late 2023 to the present moment, the various songs of Eurovision 2024 have garnered significant streams on digital platforms.

Each participating country selected its entries for the European contest through various pre-selection formats, with the most successful being the Sanremo Festival (Italy), Melodifestivalen (Sweden), Benidorm Fest (Spain), Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (Finland), and Melodi Grand Prix (Norway). These highly popular competitions propelled their winning entries to the top of the streaming charts.

Simultaneously, several other countries chose their representatives through internal selections announced throughout the first quarter of 2024.

Which Eurovision 2024 Songs are the Most Streamed?

Once again, the Eurovision Festival manages to amass extraordinary streaming figures on digital platforms. As of now, the 37 songs of the Eurovision 2024 Festival have accumulated over 257 million streams. However, some stand out more than others.

1ItalyAngelina Mango“La Noia”
2NetherlandsJoost Klein“Europapa”
3FranceSlimane“Mon Amour”
5SwedenMarcus & Martinus“Unforgettable”
6Ukrainealyona alyona & Jerry Heil“Teresa & Maria”
7GreeceMarina Satti“Zari”
8United KingdomOlly Alexander“Dizzy”
9SwitzerlandNemo“The Code”
10LithuaniaSilvester Belt“Luktelk”

Italy’s Angelina Mango and her song “La Noia” have stood out among the 37 Eurovision 2024 entries, accumulating over 58.4 million streams on digital platforms. Apart from her Eurovision participation, she gained notoriety after winning the Sanremo Festival. Italian competitions often attract significant streaming numbers, not only for the winning song but also for other participants.

Similarly, Italy’s official music video on YouTube has garnered over 44.6 million views.

In second place is the Netherlands’ representative, Joost Klein, with his song “Europapa.” Currently, it surpasses 44 million streams online and became a phenomenon across Europe upon its official release.

France’s Slimane with “Mon Amour” holds the third position with over 23.5 million streams. The French entry has been officially released for the longest period. It was announced on November 8, 2023.

France has achieved Gold certification with over 100,000 sales and reached the 26th position in the SNEP chart. Additionally, in Belgium, it climbed to the 11th position in the Ultratop 50 Wallonia.

On YouTube, the official music video has amassed more than 22.5 million views.

Since winning the Benidorm Fest 2024, Nebulossa with “Zorra” has been a digital sensation in Spain and worldwide. It now surpasses 15.6 million streams, making it the fourth most streamed. Moreover, its YouTube video is close to 19 million views.

Marcus & Martinus representing Sweden with “Unforgettable” currently stand at the fifth position with over 15.4 million streams on digital platforms. However, their official video views are comparatively lower at around 5 million.

Ukraine’s alyona alyona & Jerry Heil have accumulated over 10 million streams with “Teresa & Maria,” placing them sixth among the most successful entries. However, they soar to the second position with over 32.5 million views on YouTube, significantly ahead of others in the ranking.

Greece’s representative Marina Satti maintains the seventh position with “Zari,” amassing over 9.7 million streams. The Greek entry has an impressive performance on YouTube, with over 13.6 million views.

The United Kingdom’s entry with Olly Alexander and “Dizzy” stands at the eighth position with over 5.6 million streams. However, on YouTube, it surpasses 3.4 million views.

Switzerland’s representative Nemo with “The Code” secures the ninth position with almost 5.5 million streams. Their official music video also boasts high viewership with over 4.4 million views.

Lithuania’s Silvester Belt with “Luktelk” claims the tenth position, having been streamed over 5.4 million times. Additionally, their video surpasses 7 million views.

In contrast, entries from Azerbaijan (33rd), Malta (34th), Moldova (35th), Albania (36th), and Iceland (37th) remain around a million streams. Meanwhile, the Spanish duo Megara, representing San Marino in Eurovision 2024 with “11:11,” sits at the 32nd position with 1.2 million streams.

Which Eurovision 2024 Music Videos Are the Most Viewed?

The official music videos of the 37 Eurovision 2024 songs have amassed over 257 million views on YouTube.

In most cases, countries with higher streaming figures also have more views, albeit in different positions. Additionally, there are other highly viewed and valued entries by Eurovision fans.

1ItalyAngelina Mango“La Noia”
2Ukrainealyona alyona & Jerry Heil“Teresa & Maria”
3NetherlandsJoost Klein“Europapa”
4FranceSlimane“Mon Amour”
6CroatiaBaby Lasagna“Rim Tim Tagi Dim”
7GreeceMarina Satti“Zari”
8SerbiaTeya Dora“Ramonda”
9LithuaniaSilvester Belt“Luktelk”
10PolandLuna“The Tower”

Italy’s Angelina Mango and “La Noia” remain unchallenged as the most viewed on YouTube. Along with Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, and Lithuania, they not only top the streaming charts but also the most viewed music videos.

This new ranking introduces fresh entries like Croatia with Baby Lasagna and “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.” Currently, it nears 14 million views, adding to its almost 5.5 million streams on digital platforms, placing the Croatian entry sixth among the most viewed on YouTube.

In eighth place, Serbia’s Teya Dora with “Ramonda” surpasses 8 million views with her official music video, compared to over 2.4 million streams.

Meanwhile, Poland’s Luna with “The Tower” closes the top 10 most viewed with over 6.5 million views, complementing their 5 million streams on platforms.


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