Sweden: First Melodifestivalen 2021 qualifiers announced

Stina Stjernkvist / SVT

The first semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2021 is over and we have the first finalists!

Despite the small arena and the lack of a live audience Christer Björkman and Lena Philipsson hosted a great show!

Tonight’s 7 competing acts were:

  1. Kadiatou – One Touch
  2. Lillasyster – Pretender
  3. Jessica Anderson – Horizon
  4. Paul Rey – The Missing Piece
  5. Arvingarna – Tänker inte alla gå hem
  6. Nathalie Brydolf – Fingerprints
  7. Danny Saucedo – Dandi Dansa

Directly to the Final:

  • Danny SaucedoDandi Dansa
  • Arvingarna – Tänker inte alla gå hem

To Andra Chansen (Second Chance Show):

  • Paul ReyThe Missing Piece
  • Lillasyster – Pretender


5th place: Jessica Anderson – Horizon
6th place: Kadiatou – One Touch
7th place: Nathalie Brydolf – Fingerprints

Next week, the journey continues on the 13th of February, where another 7 acts will compete for the golden tickets.

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