Serbia: Listen to the Beovizija 2018 songs

Serbia has officially revealed the songs of the 17 artists that will compete in this year’s selection process that will be broadcast on February 20th.

The Serbian National Broadcaster, RTS, has officially released the 17 entries that will take part in the Serbian selection show, Beovizija, who all hope they’ll reach Lisbon in May. You can listen to the songs here:

February 20th will mark the first time Beovizija has been used to select an entrant since 2009, every previous entrant since being selected internally, except for 2013, when it was selected in the show Beosong. Serbia has of course been victorious once before, in 2007, when Marija Šerifović won with her anthem ‘Molitva’. In recent years Serbia has struggled to even emerge from the Semi-final, perhaps why the National Selection process is returning. Beovizija was originally used to select the Serbia-Montenegrin entrants from 2003-4 when they entered the contest together.

The competing artists were revealed earlier this month when we found out that the 2018 edition sees the return of Rambo Amadeus, a former Montenegrin entry from 2012 who failed to qualify for the final with the novelty track ‘Euro Neuro’, as well as 16 other exciting artists.

Beovizija’s winner will be decided by the old Eurovision voting system of 50% televote and 50% jury vote and will take place at the Sava Centar in Belgrade. It is yet unknown as to who the Presenter or Presenters will be. Serbia will perform in the First Half of the Second Semi-Final of Eurovision 2018.

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