Slovenia: Next EMA 2018 songs on-line

RTVSLO has just premiered another four out of the sixteen songs that will compete in the Semi-Final of EMA 2018. The remaining entries will be revealed tomorrow on Radio Val 202.

You can listen to the tracks below:

  • Tanja Ribič – Ljudje (People)

  • ManuElla – Dan potem (The Day After)

  • Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu (Now I’m Here)

  • Ina Shai – V nebo (In the sky)

Sixteen Candidates

Sixteen candidates will compete in the Semi-Final of EMA 2018, but only eight of them will go through to the final. Four of them will be selected by the professional jury panel, while the audience will choose the other four finalists.

All the songs competing in EMA will be performed in Slovenian at the Semi-Final. However, the singers will sing in the language they have chosen for Eurovision in the Final on 24th February.

Save the dates!

The dates for the Slovenian live shows, that will be hosted by Vid Valič, are as follows:

  • Semi-Final: 17th February
  • Final: 24th February

What do you think of today’s Slovenian songs?

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