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Junior Eurovision 2019 album on sale now!

The official album of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been released. All the competing songs are now available to purchase and stream on digital platforms.

You can take a look at the official tracklist below:

  1. Isea Çili – “Mikja ime fëmijëri” (Albania)
  2. Karina Ignatyan – “Colours Of Your Dream” (Armenia)
  3. Jordan Anthony – “We Will Rise” (Australia)
  4. Liza Misnikova – “Pepelny (Ashen)” (Belarus)
  5. Carla – “Bim Bam Toi” (France)
  6. Giorgi Rostiashvili – “We Need A Love” (Georgia)
  7. Anna Kearney – “Banshee” (Ireland)
  8. Marta Viola – “La Voce Della Terra” (Italy)
  9. Yerzhan Maxim – “Armanyńnan Qalma” (Kazakhstan)
  10. Eliana Gomez Blanco – “We Are More” (Malta)
  11. Matheu – “Dans Met Jou” (The Netherlands)
  12. Mila Moskov – “Fire” (North Macedonia)
  13. Viki Gabor – “Superhero” (Poland)
  14. Joana Almeida – “Vem Comigo (Come With Me)” (Portugal)
  15. Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak – “A Time For Us” (Russia)
  16. Darija Vračević – “Raise Your Voice” (Serbia)
  17. Melani García – “Marte” (Spain)
  18. Sophia Ivanko – “The Spirit of Music” (Ukraine)
  19. Erin Mai – “Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)” (Wales)

19 countries will compete at this year’s Junior Eurovision, which sees the return of Spain after 13 years, and the withdrawal of Azerbaijan and Israel. The 2019 contest will take place on November 24 in Gliwice under the motto #shareTheJOY. Poland will host Junior Eurovision for the first time after the victory of Roksana Wegiel in 2018. Roksana herself, Ida Nowakowska and Aleksander Sikora will present the show live from Gliwice Arena.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019
Spain: Melani García - Marte
France : Carla - Bim Bam Toi
Poland: Wiktoria Gabor - Superhero
Armenia: Karina Ignatyan - Colours Of Your Dream
North Macedonia: Mila Moskov - Fire
Serbia: Darija Vračević - Raise Your Voice
Ireland: Anna Kearney - Banshee
The Netherlands: Matheu - Dans Met Jou
Italy: Marta Viola - La Voce Della Terra
Ukraine: Sophia Ivanko - The Spirit of Music
Malta: Eliana Gomez Blanco - We Are More
Portugal: Joana Almeida - Vem Comigo (Come With Me)
Albania: Isea Çili - Mikja ime fëmijëri
Kazakhstan: Yerzhan Maksim - Armanyńnan Qalma
Australia: Jordan Anthony - We Will Rise
Belarus: Liza Misnikova - Pepelny (Ashen)
Wales: Erin Mai - Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)
Russia: Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak - A Time For Us
Georgia: Giorgi Rostiashvili - We Need A Love
Number of voters: 795
Junior Eurovision

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