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Eurovision 2023: What we know and hope to see

More and more details become clear about what audiences can expect from the upcoming joint Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Last week the BBC, the British national broadcaster, revealed new details about the Directors, Head of Sound, and Set and Light Designers.

In this article we shine a light on what we know so far, and what we expect from the 2023 contest.

Spectacular and as never-seen-before

For all stakeholders in the contest it is important that the show will be as spectacular and never-seen-before as possible, but because this year’s winners, Ukraine, cannot organize the contest in their war-stricken country it is important that the next contest breathes an Ukrainian atmosphere, because they have earned this fair and square.

Ukrainian and British atmosphere

Each and every annual rendition of the Eurovision Song Contest breathes a certain atmosphere that is linked to the winner of the year before or the host country. In case of another country stepping in to organize the contest it is good to either choose the route of giving the winning country that cannot organize the contest a chance to shine, but on different soil, or to let the contest breathe the atmosphere of both the winning country as well as the organizing country.

With what we know thus far we can already see that the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023 will have a joint atmosphere, as both the Ukrainians as well as the British created a taskforce to give body to the event. This is good thing, since it also shows Europe’s flexibility in dyer times, and it shows companionship and solidarity, which is an important virtue to have.

More about the professional names that will work behind-the-scenes of Eurovision 2023:

Logo design, stage, interval acts, and presenters

There has already been some news when it comes down to the stage and the presenters of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, but there is no news yet on the logo design and interval acts.

Logo design

Online different types of fan-made logos circulate. All these designs are about the unity between Ukraine and the rest of Europe, and especially the organisational unity between Ukraine and the United Kingdom. There was even a “supposed” leak of the actual logo design, that was later removed from social media, but if this is truly the one we will see in the upcoming months.

Needless to say, that we also want to see a logo that shows the united factors of both the host country and this year’s winner, because the reason why the contest cannot be organized in Ukraine is an intrusive one.


This year’s stage will be designed by Julio Himede of Yellow Studio, a design studio that is based in New York (USA). Himede is no newcomer to grand stage design, as he already designed worldly stages for the Grammy Awards of 2022, the MTV Video Music Awards from 2018 up to 2021, but also the stage of this year’s first edition of The American Song Contest.

So, if there is one designer who can execute this job with excellence we trust that it is Julio Himede, no doubt about it, since his stage designs are very “now” and we are sure that the stage will reflect both the future of Ukraine and the UK.

VMA 2021 - Stage design
Source: TPI Magazine, VMA 2021 stage design, Julio Himede
VMA 2019 - Stage design
Source: TPI Magazine, VMA 2019 stage design, Julio Himede

Interval acts

This year the interval acts, the acts that take the stage when the televoting takes place and when the votes are being counted, have to reflect the Ukrainian culture, as well as the British, or even European culture as a whole. Each year these interval acts show the culture of the host country, may it be in song, dance, or in a different form of the arts, and in the upcoming contest it should be no different.

When we look at both creative teams, or at least the names we know by now, we can let loose and trust that both organizing countries will have their say when it comes down to the interval acts. Our main concern is that the interval acts are based on joint history and the future, as the current situation between Ukraine and Russia is very disturbed, to say the least.


With a joint venture comes “joint representation”, and rumour has it that the upcoming contest will have no less than four presenters, of which two from Ukraine, and two from the United Kingdom. Although not confirmed, this would make great sense, since it would be an even number and none of the two countries take the dominating lead. Early news appointed Ukrainian presenters Timur Miroshnychenko and Masha Efrosinina as two of the hosts, but about this news Miroshnychenko declared that he would neither confirm or deny this news for the moment. It is no secret though that both Miroshnychenko and Efrosinina have hosted the contest before, and Miroshnychenko is the Ukrainian commentator of the contest since 2007.

Let’s see what will happen in the upcoming months, but four presenters would make a lot of sense, because there are presenters needed for all sorts of hosting tasks during the live shows, and two on-stage and two in the green room would not be a strange idea at all. We are very eager to see who the presenters will be from both organizing parties.

More about the rumored Ukrainian presenters of Eurovision 2023:

For now

For now we do not know a whole lot about what we are going to see during the contest of 2023, but that it will be a very special, and probably extraordinary, edition is already clear.

Whenever there is more news available we will make sure to share it with you on both our website as well as on our social media. So, keep it ESCplus International for all things Eurovision!


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