Eurovision 2023: Belgian broadcaster RTBF interested in hosting the contest

If they would be asked, Belgian broadcaster RTBF, of the French-speaking part of Belgium, stated that they would be more than willing to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. They said so in a statement.

Bid by the European Union

Rumor has it that the European Union is working on a bid to host the contest of 2023 in the capital of Belgium, which also happens to be the political center of the European Union. The reason for the EU to propose a plan to host Eurovision 2023 is because Brussels is neutral ground, which makes organizing a contest with a Ukrainian theme look like a good idea. The idea of the EU is to host the upcoming contest with other public organizations, which emphasizes the neutrality of a contest in the heart of the EU. Also, the bid is supported by the city of Brussels and its stakeholders.


Not the first time

It would not be the first time Brussels would host the contest, since this city already did so in 1987 after Belgian Sandra Kim’s win with the song “J’aime la vie” in 1986. After Brussels hosted Eurovision Young Musicians back in 1992. In 2005, Belgian national broadcasters RTBF (French) and VRT (Flemish), organized the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the Flemish-speaking city of Hasselt. Both Belgian national broadcasters also organized the national selections for both the regular song contest as well as the junior version of the contest, so they both have the expertise to do so.

Not in Ukraine

Earlier this June, the European broadcasting Union (EBU) stated that the next song contest will not be in the country of this year’s winner Ukraine, because of the war that is raging in this country. The EBU has asked the runner-up of this year, the United Kingdom, to host the contest, but this country did not decline nor confirmed yet, which means that the bid is open to other parties as well.

Source: Pinterest, the 1987 Eurovision stage Brussels

In the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom 13 cities have expressed their interest in hosting next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, like: London, Sunderland, Glasgow, Cardiff, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Aberdeen, and Aberdeen.

It might take some time before we get the official announcement about where the next song contest will be. We, of ESCplus, will update you when we know more. In the meantime, for all things Eurovision, keep it ESCplus International!


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