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Big Increase in Chances for Ireland: Eurovision 2024 Semifinal Betting Odds

Discover the latest insights into the Eurovision 2024 first semifinal odds and predictions. Which countries are poised to become finalists? Get an in-depth analysis of the current betting landscape ahead of the highly anticipated event.

As the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 unfolds, the Malmö Arena hosts the first semifinal on Tuesday, May 7th, featuring 15 countries vying for a spot in the grand final on Saturday, May 11th. From Cyprus to Luxembourg, explore the contenders competing in this thrilling elimination round.

In our latest analysis, the top contenders for the grand final remain consistent with Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Ireland, and others maintaining strong positions. Notably, Ireland sees a remarkable surge from an 85% to a staggering 93% chance of qualification, signaling a promising outlook.

ContryArtistSongQualifiying Chances
CroatiaBaby Lasagna«Rim Tim Tagi Dim»96%
Ukrainealyona alyona & Jerry Heil«Teresa & Maria»96%
LithuaniaSilvester Belt«Luktelk»94%
IrelandBambie Thug«Doomsday Blue»93%
FinlandWindows95man«No Rules»92%
CyprusSilia Kapsis«Liar»80%
PolandLuna«The Tower»78%
10ºSerbiaTeya Dora«Ramonda»62%
11ºAustraliaElectric Fields«One Milkali (One Blood)»52%
13ºAzerbaijanFAHREE Feat. Ilkin Dovlatov«Özünlə Apar»22%
14ºMoldovaNatalia Barbu«In The Middle»20%
15ºIcelandHera Björk«Scared Of Heights»10%

Luxembourg follows suit with a four-point increase to 89%, while Portugal jumps by an impressive 11 points to 82%. Conversely, Serbia experiences a slight dip from 65% to 62%, maintaining a significant lead over Australia.

Examining the odds, Moldova is the only one who emerges in the lower end, climbing two points to 20%, while Slovenia and Azerbaijan witness notable declines.

What are the Current Favorite Countries? Croatia Maintains the Lead in Betting Odds

As the Eurovision 2024 excitement builds, Croatia continues to dominate the betting scene, emerging as the frontrunner with significant momentum. Baby Lasagna’s “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” remains a standout favorite, boasting a remarkable 32% chance of victory, solidifying Croatia’s position at the top spot.

While the betting houses align on the favorites for Eurovision 2024, there have been notable fluctuations in their rankings since our initial analysis. Croatia’s sustained presence at the forefront underscores its strong contender status, captivating audiences and bettors alike with its compelling performance.

Source:  Eurovision World

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