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Lara Trpceska and Irina Dazidovska will represent North Macedonia at Junior Eurovision 2022

MRT has just confirmed that the duo Lara Trpceska and Irina Dazidovska will represent North Macedonia at Junior Eurovision 2022. The girls were chosen by a panel of experts after closed auditions held at the TV headquarters on 23rd June. The representatives’ next mission is to find the song with which they will compete at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Yerevan on 11 December.

Lara and Irina will have 30 days from today, the day their selection was announced, to submit a demo version of the unpublished song they will present to the contest. To do so, they will have the help and resources made available by the delegation. The girls will try to equal or even surpass the ninth place achieved by their predecessors, the popular Dajte Muzika and their song Green Forces, in the last edition of Junior Eurovision, held on 19 December in Paris.


Earlier this month, the Macedonian MRT opened an open entry process in which all young people in the country had the opportunity to apply to represent the country at Junior Eurovision, without the need to have an unpublished song. After several weeks of promotion of the call for entries, a closed round of auditions was held on 23rd of Julyat the MRT TV studios in Skopje, where contestants had to perform 2 songs of their choice. A panel of 3 judges evaluated the candidates according to standards of musical, vocal and stage quality and selected the representatives.


North Macedonia has remained one of the most faithful countries to the annualJunior Eurovision Song Contest since its debut in 2003, being one of the founding countries of the contest. The Balkan nation has only three absences in its long history at the contest, which this year will be its eighteenth participation

The country’s track record at the festival has been marked by contrasts throughout its history, with periods of light and shadow. The most notable were the magnificent fifth-place finishes in 2007 by cousins Rosica and Dimatar with their lively Ding Ding Dong and in 2008, just one year later, by the talented Bobi Andonov and his song Prati mi SMS. Mila Moskov ‘s candidacy in 2019 is also well remembered, as her fiery and expressive rendition of the powerful ballad Fire earned the nation a sixth place for the nation, which felt like glory after multiple poor results in her previous participations.

On the other side of the coin, the country has accumulated three red lanterns in the final standings during its run through the competition. Moreover, the country holds the curious record of being the Eurofestival participant that has finished twelfth in the final ranking the most times, seven times.

The group Dajte Muzika and their modern and danceable Green Forces were the country’s representatives during the last edition of the contest, achieving a more than acceptable ninth place. The song, with a clear ecological message, was a success in the country, attracting the interest of new generations of Norwegians to the music contest. Will the Balkan country achieve a good position in Yerevan this year?

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