Ken Beimer (NL)

I'm Ken and I'm born in may 1988. Since 2007 I started volunteerswork a lot in my town, which kept me busy and creative. In the winter of 2009/2010 I met the Youtube video from Ksenia Sitnik (JESC 2005) and the next JESC was the first one I followed. JESC 2010 was the beginning from my Eurovision virus. :) In 2011 I started my own foundation OKids, which takes more time from me, but made me even more creative. This foundation grows every year. In 2011 I also visited my first JESC show. (Dutch national final) In 2012 I got more active and visited the dutch semi final and the Dutch national final. Also wend to Amsterdam, for JESC 2012. I love ESC too, but Im more concentrated on JESC.The reason I love JESC, is that its less commercial, everyone sings in their native language and the voice of children is unique and sounds different than all those every day voices that are heard in esc.

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