Junior Eurovision

Junior Eurovision: Last auditions in The Netherlands today

Today the last auditions for the Dutch pre-selection will take place in Zwolle.  Two weeks ago 27 acts were selected to take part in these final auditions. One wildcardwinner has been added to this list. These 28 acts,  will compete for a spot in the Dutch finalists team:

Alanis en Meau – Highschool
Anne & Sebastiaan – Anders (different)
Anne & Sebastiaan – Samen (together)
Beau – De wind (the wind)
Dali – Geen backstage (no backstage)
Dani – Next level
Emre – Te vroeg om weg te gaan (too early to go)
Flori – Dear butterfly
Giorgio – Speciaal bericht (special message)
Joysi en Fabienne – Shake it up
Kiki – Jij bent een wonder (you are a miracle)
Kim – Mijn droom (my dream)
Kira en Kenji – Dag blijf uit mijn nacht (day stay out my night)
Lin – I don’t care
Loeki – Gewoon in love (just in love)
Mathilde – Mijn nieuwe zon (my new sun)
Myléne & Rosanne – Spiegelbeeld (mirror image)
Noa – Wat ik wil (what I want)
Paddy – Mijn allerliefste maatje (my most precious buddy)
Roan – Laat maar komen die dromen (let those dreams come)
Rosa, Nova, Wally en Daan – Ik kan je niet bereiken (I can’t reach you)
Sarah en Julia – Live life
Serena – Muziek is (music is)
Serena – My own boss
Universe – Dichterbij (closer)
Yuna – Happy day
Zoë – Thrillers

Wildcardwinner: Arianne & Femke – Don’t give up

After selecting the finalists, they will each get their own producer and they will reproduce the songs. Sometimes a title changses. For example Anna & Senna submitted the song ‘Familie’, which was changsed into ‘My family’. Also Rachel submitted ‘Ik ben een puber’, which became ‘Teenager’. Also Femke’s submission ‘Geen tijd’ was renamed to ‘Tik tak tik’.

The finalists will most likely be announced around may/june, however the final versions from the finalists will probarly not earlier than august/september. The first liveshow is scheduled for saturday 14 september.

What do you think from the selection so far? Any favorites yet? Do you like the wildcard winners?

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