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Junior Eurovision: Russian final next Sunday

The national final for the Russian final is set for sunday 2 june at 8:25 CET and will be over 10:25 CET.  This year not 20, but 18 finalists have placed for the national final. Also notable this year, is the lack of familiar names. Darya Lukash and Anastasiya Gned’ were the only names in the semi final, hold on monday 27 may, however they both did not qualify.

These young artists will compete for the honor to represent the Russian flag in Kyiv in November:
1. Vanessa Bezrodnaya
2. Ulyana Kuznetsova
3. “Druzhnie sestryonki”
4. Dayana Kirillova
5. Anastasiya Egorkina
6. Anastasiya Zuyeva
7. Kseniya Mulina
8. Elizaveta Puris
9. Arina Bagarykova
10. Angelina Kolesnikova
11. “4EVER”
12. Vyacheslav Kvasov
13. Valeriya Eroshenko
14. Diana Soldysheva
15. Larisa Grigoryeva
16. Anna Muzafarova
17. Sofiya Fesenko
18. Alisa Sementina

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  1. I really like Ulyana’s song “Horses”, which is not her jesc song too bad!

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