[UPDATED] Where to watch the first semi-final?

Like every year, to watch the semifinals where your own country is not taking part is always a problem. They might broadcast them, they might not, they may had a delayed broadcast. If you want to watch the First Semifinal tonight, live thourgh the internet, here you have a list with all the channels broadcasting them:

On The Internet:

Official Stream: ESC.TV (720p, No Commentary)

Austria: Link1

Belgium:  Link1

Serbia:  Link1

Cyprus:  Link1  Link2

Slovenia:  Link1

Sweden: Link1  Backstage

Germany:  Link1

Lithuania: Link1 Link2

Montenegro:  Link1

Estonia:  Link1

Bulgaria:  Link1


Channel Satellite Country Frecuency Polarisation Simbol Rate FEC
Einsfestival HD Astra 19’2º E Alemania 12422 Mhz Horizontal 27500 3/4
Einsfestival Astra 19’2º E Alemania 10743 Mhz Horizontal 22000 5/6
RTS Sat Astra 19’2º E Serbia 11023 Mhz Horizontal 22000 3/4
RIK Sat Hotbird 13’0º E Chipre 12111 Mhz Vertical 22000 3/4
RTVSLO 2 Hotbird 13’0º E Eslovenia 12520 Mhz Vertical 27500
C1R Hotbird 13’0º E Rusia 12597 Mhz Vertical 27500
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