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Finland: YLE has launched the UMK 2014.

After the great success of the Eurovision 2013 in Finland with about 1,2 million of Finnish viewers (out of 5 million), the Finnish broadcaster YLE has opened the period of reception of candidatures to represent Finland at the Eurovision 2014 in Denmark.

If you want to represent Finland in Denmark, you have to enter this website and fill in the blanks.

You have to know the next things if you have to do it:

  • The song has to be unpublished.
  • The artists have to be more than 16 before 17th of May of 2014.
  • The artists have to have a document of permanent residence in Finland.
  • Only is accepted one song by artist.
  • It is not allowed to participate in other national finals.
  • It doesn’t matter the length of the song.
  • The song has to be send to the YLE in digital format until 16th of September of 2013.
  • Sending this you will agree the rules of the competition and the competitive process.
  • If you win the competition, the length of the song will be 3 minutes, maximum. And a maximum of 6 persons will be on the Eurovision stage.

In 2013, Krista has represented Finland with her song “Marry me” getting a lot of attention from the national and the international media, as Lordi in 2006.

Stay tuned to to know all about the UMK 2014.


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