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Viewing figures: Melodifestivalen 2022 heat 4 had a drop in viewers, but reached a 73.2% of market share

The fourth and last heat of Melodifestivalen 2022 took place last Saturday, where we could see the last batch of participants of this year’s edition.

Sweden’s SVT held this Saturday the fourth of the six shows of Melodifestivalen 2022, which will end with the election of the next representative of the Nordic country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

Last Saturday’s gala saw Klara Hammarström and MEDINA winning the golden tickets for the grand final on 12 March. The tickets for the semi-final on 5 March went to Anna Bergendahl (73 points) and Lillasyster (65 points).


A few days after the third elimination round of the contest, MMS has provided us new audience figures for this year’s Melodifestivalen.

The fourth heat of Melodifestivalen 2022 was watched on average by 2,759,000 viewers and a 73.2% market share.

This means that on average 27.5% of the total Swedish population watched the fourth qualifying round of the contest on Saturday night, in which the representative for Eurovision 2022 will be chosen.

In addition, a total of 206,560 viewers from all over the world followed the 4th round of Melodifestivalen 2022 on SVT Play, increasing the final audience of the show to 2,965,560 viewers.

Compared to the Heat 3 of the 2022 edition, held on the previous Saturday, the fourth show of Melodifestivalen was down 181,000 viewers and 1.9 points in market share.

Compared to the 2021 edition, the third elimination round lost 194,000 viewers (in 2021 it was watched by 2,953,000 viewers) and dropped 0.3 points in audience share (in 2021 it scored 73.5%).

In the historical series, it is the 3rd least watched fourth elimination round since the current Melodifestivalen format was introduced in 2002.

You can review the viewing figures for Melodifestivalen since 1994 in the graph below: (to change the year simply click on the drop-down)

the audiences on SOCIAL networks

The fourth round of Melodifestivalen 2022 had a potential impact of 2,000,000 users with the hashtag #Melfest being used throughout the night.

In total there were 5,100 comments during the entire gala with 3,100 interactions. The net sentiment of the comments during the gala was positive, with 33.5% of comments with a positive tone compared to 16.4% with a negative tone.

Net Sentiment #Melfest / Talkwalker


Before making a detailed analysis of the social audiences of the fourth heat of Melodifestivalen 2022, it is worth mentioning that the official hashtag became a Trending Topic in several countries.

#Melfest, the official hashtag used on social networks to comment on the contest throughout the night, was Trending on Saturday night both worldwide, where it reached the 4th position, and in Germany, Spain and Italy.

Countries with the hashtag #Melfest trending / getdaytrends


In the country-by-country audience, the comments from Sweden, the country where the gala was held, stood out, with 31.1% of the comments of the night, followed by Spain, with 20% of the total and 1,000 comments throughout the show. In third place was the United Kingdom with 12.7% of all comments.

Social audiences by country #Melfest / Talkwalker

If we focus on the audience by language, the language preferred by internet users to comment on the fourth elimination round of Melodifestivalen 2022 was English, in which 37.3% of the comments on the gala were made, followed in second place by Swedish, in which 31.9% of the comments were made, and Finnish, in which 22% of the comments on the show were made.

Social audiences by language #Melfest / Talkwalker


If we look at the social audience by age target for the fourth elimination round of Melodifestivalen 2022, the following stands out above the rest (representing 85.0% of comments) in the target of users between 18 and 34 years old, standing out above all in the 25-34 age group, with 48.9% of the comments.

Comments made by users in the 18-24 age group accounted for 36.1% of the night’s total and 14% were made by users aged 35-44 and finally users aged 45-54 made 1% of the comments

Social Audiences by age target #Melfest / Talkwalker

In terms of social audience by user gender target, the fourth elimination round of Melodifestivalen 2022 stood out among male users, whose comments accounted for 64.4% of the total number of comments made during the entire gala.

On the other hand, comments on the festival made by female users of the social network who followed the gala accounted for 35.6% of the total volume of comments made on Saturday night.

Social Audiences by gender target #Melfest / Talkwalker


If we look at the social audience of the fourth elimination round of Melodifestivalen 2022 minute by minute, we can see the favourite moments of the night for those who commented on social networks at the same time as they were following it.

In the fourth elimination round of Melodifestivalen 2022, the gala had the most interaction at 21:29h CET, coinciding with the moment when the last results were announced. In that minute a total of 152 comments were made with the official hashtag.

Social Audiences minute by minute #Melfest/ Talkwalker

* All the TV viewing figures data included in this article has been provided to ESCplus by MMS, the sole intellectual owners of the data.

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