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Sweden: Running order of Melodifestivalen’s semi-final revealed

SVT revealed the running order of Melodifestivalen’s semi-final which will take place this Saturday, 5/3.

About an hour ago, an allocation draw was streamed live via Melodifestivalen’s app and SVTplay where the 8 qualifiers of the four heats were divided into two groups.

Semi 1:
Danne Stråhed - Hallabaloo
Anna Bergendahl –  Higher Power
Tone Sekelius – My Way
Alvaro Estrella – Suave

Semi 2:
Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough
Lillasyster – Till Our Days Are Over
Theoz – Som Du Vill
Lisa Miskovsky – Best To Come

The running order of the semi-final:

  1. Tone Sekelius – My Way
  2. Alvaro Estrella – Suave
  3. Danne Stråhed - Hallabaloo
  4. Anna Bergendahl –  Higher Power
  1. Theoz – Som Du Vill
  2. Lisa Miskovsky – Best To Come
  3. Lillasyster – Till Our Days Are Over
  4. Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough

The two songs with the most votes from each group will advance to the final.

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