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The Netherlands: S10 teases her song in a rather unexpected way

Some previous Dutch contestants, and other Eurovision artists, were asked to have a listen to S10’s upcoming Eurovision 2022 entry of which the grand public does not know anything about yet. It is all so mysterious, but we are living for it!

What is going on?

Dutch singer S10 gave 5 Eurovision artists the chance to preview her song for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. These artists were: Duncan Laurence (Dutch winner, 2019), Stefania (Greece, 2021), Jeangue Macrooy (the Netherlands, 2021), Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland, 2021), and César Sampson (Austria, 2018). They all seem to respond really well to the song. What is peculiar is that some of the artists say that it is a “sad song”, so maybe it is going to be a ballad

Watch and listen to the reactions of S10’s entry below.

The plans for the big reveal tomorrow

On Thursday March 3rd 2022 Dutch singer S10 will present her Eurovision entry on a global scale. She will show her music video for the very first time in the most gorgeous film theater of the Netherlands, Tuschinski, in the heart of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Simultaneously with the viewing of the video, the clip premiers on the website of the Eurovision Song Contest,, and on YouTube; next to S10’s own music channels, i.e. her own website. Afterwards there will be an on-stage interview in a Dutch radio program on NPO2 Radio, governed by the Dutch National Broadcaster AVROTROS.

What we know so far?

In December of 2021 S10 was announced as the next Dutch Eurovision entrant. She will succeed Jeangu Macrooy, who came in 23rd out of 26 contestants during last year’s contest in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After the contest of 2021 S10 posted a picture on her social media outlets stating a message along the lines of: “So, how do we get me to be the next Dutch entrant of the Eurovision Song Contest?”. Apparently the Dutch National Broadcaster was happy to oblige, and S10 will be the next Dutch entrant.

This year’s song of the Netherlands will be fully in Dutch, which has not happened for 11 years; the last time the Dutch competed with a Dutch-language song was back in 2010 when Sieneke failed to qualify for the Grand Final of the contest with the song “Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-li)”.

In the morning of March 3rd 2022 S10 will reveal her song entry for the 2022 contest in Turin, Italy.

Netherlands - S10 concert 2

About S10

S10 is a 21-year old alternative pop singer and rapper of the Netherlands. She became known to the grand public in 2021, when she had a hit with the Dutch-language song “Adem je in” (trans. “Breathe You In”). S10 is known for her angelic voice, mixing singing with rapping, on-stage costume changes, eclectic choice of music, and also because of a Dutch documentary she has made about her past during which she battled and still battles psychological issues.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and on the 14th (Grand Final) in Turin, Italy. The Netherlands will compete in the first half of the 1st Semi-final.

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