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Viewing Figures: Eurovision 2024 first semi-final ratings across Europe

Review the viewing figures for the 1st semi-final of Eurovision 2024 across different television networks on Europe

Eurovision 2024 held its first semi-final this Tuesday, where we got to know the first 10 finalists who join the pre-qualified group formed by the BIG5 + the host, and we already know 15 countries that will be in the grand final this Saturday, May 11th.

The show kicked off at 21:00 CEST, lasting for 2 hours and 25 minutes. Eurovision 2024 first semifinal started with the comeback of Chanel, Eleni Foureira, and Eric Saade to the Eurovision stage. The show was generally slow-paced but featured a wide variety of musical performances. Additionally, there were also some interval acts, the two-time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan performing a version of “Euphoria” and the return of Benjamin Ingrosso with great accompaniment, among other interval acts of the night. This first semi-final featured some of the top contenders of Eurovision 2024 edition, such as Baby Lassagna, the Croatian representative, Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil, the Ukrainian representatives, and Bambie Thug, Ireland’s representative.

How were the viewing figures of Eurovision 2024 first semi-final across Europe?

These are some of the viewing figures for the Eurovision 2024 first semi-final on various European television networks:

These data will be updated as more audience numbers become available

Eurovision 2024 first semi-final got high ratings in Finland and Croatia, lower ratings in Sweden, and improves in the Big5 countries

Among the audience data, Finland stands out especially, where the Eurovision 2024 1st semi-final once again dominated with a 66% audience share and an average of 717,000 viewers. The Eurovision 2024 first-semifinal got high ratings in Croatia, reaching the 60% of the audience with 979,147 viewers. In Sweden, the host country of Eurovision 2024, the first semi-final was followed by 1,081,000 viewers, reaching a 56.85% share.

In Denmark, the first semi-final was watched by 34.4% of the audience, with 361,019 viewers. The semi-final got very good ratings in Slovenia, where it was watched by 24% of the audience with 161,100 viewers.

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 also garnered very good ratings in Greece, although the country did not participate in that semi-final, the show was watched by 22.6% of the country’s audience. In Austria, which also did not participate in this first semi-final, the show was watched on average by 381,000 viewers with an 18.5% audience share. In Portugal, which was vying for a spot in the Eurovision 2024 final, the first semi-final lost viewership with a 13.8% audience share and an average of 660,700 viewers.

Among the Big5 members of Eurovision, the UK stands out especially, as the co-host of the previous edition of the contest. The first semi-final was broadcast on its main channel, BBC One, where it was watched by 1,858,700 viewers, reaching a 16.27% audience share. In Italy, the first semi-final attracted 1,912,000 viewers (9.45% audience share) with its broadcast on RAI 2. Germany regained viewers compared to 2023 with the broadcast of the 1st semi-final on ONE, with a total of 680,000 viewers and a 3.6% audience share. Meanwhile, in Spain, after being broadcast again on La 2, the first semi-final achieved the best rating since 2008 with 722,000 viewers, capturing a 5.7% audience share, with higherratings of La 1, the first spanish channel.

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Last Update: May 15th 2024 – 13:34 CEST


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