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The Netherlands: Dutch delegation experiences technical difficulties

Yesterday, April 28th 2022, the daily Dutch entertainment show “RTL Boulevard” had an Eurovision news update in which was mentioned that the Dutch delegation experiences technical difficulties when it comes down to the performance of S10’s “De Diepte”.

Stand-in rehearsals

The first rehearsals of Eurovision entries are always staged and filmed by the national broadcaster of a certain country with the use of a stand-in, a person who acts and sings a song just like the actual entrant would. The tape of the stand-in performance is send to the delegation of a country that competes, so they can already have a look, since on-stage rehearsals are scarce, and some performances need a lot of work before they are excellent. In this regard, the Dutch experience technical difficulties when it comes down to the staging of S10’s song.

To make things right

To make things right the Dutch delegation flies to Turin to save S10’s staging as good as they possibly can. The delegation has mentioned that the lighting and technics are not up to par with what they had in mind for their act. S10 has mentioned that she will take matters into her own hands together with professionals out of the Dutch delegation.

Netherlands - S10 concert 2

Multiple countries experience difficulties

Apparently multiple countries experience technical difficulties when it comes down to their stand-in rehearsals, i.e. Moldova, Croatia, and Latvia. The latter has mentioned that the plans that they saw on the stand-in rehearsal tape are not the ones they agreed on. More than one country has described the stand-in rehearsals for this edition of the contest as “chaotic and messy”.

Let’s just hope that all parties can pull through once they have to perform live

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and on the 14th (Grand Final) in Turin, Italy.


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