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Eurovision 2022: The last betting odds before rehearsals start

Tomorrow, April 30th 2022, rehearsals start in the PalaOlimpico in the Italian city of Turin, so today is the last day all the betting offices can speculate which country is going to win the 2022 contest before having seen the rehearsals.

Eurovision World

Every year Eurovision World comes up with a list of which country to bet on when it comes down to the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year Eurovision World came up with the following list on April 29th 2022, exactly one day before the rehearsals of the 66th Eurovision start.

The list according to Eurovision World is as follows:

The percentage is the chance that the country will win according to betting office information gathered by Eurovision World.

  1.  Ukraine – 42.1%
  2.  Italy – 14.9%
  3.  Sweden – 10.6%
  4.  United Kingdom – 6.6%
  5.  Spain – 4.1%
  6.  Poland – 2.3%
  7. Greece – 1.9%
  8. Norway – 1.9%
  9. Netherlands  – 1.6%
  10. Australia – 1%

Keep in mind…

The betting odds of Eurovision World can be totally different from the actual outcome after the Grand Final. Last year for example, the focus was on Malta’s Destiny until one week before the live shows started, then Måneskin came in the picture as the possible winner of the contest of 2021. This means that Ukraine might not be the winner of this year’s contest or they are, who knows? Things might heat up when we enter the Eurovision live show week.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and on the 14th (Grand Final) in Turin, Italy.


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