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Israel: Turns out we will see Israel perform live during this year’s contest

Israeli National Broadcaster KAN and Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Service, have come to an agreement about whether Israeli entrant Michael Ben-David can perform live in Turin.

Not able to secure the delegation

A couple of weeks ago it was not certain that Michael Ben-David would perform live during this year’s contest in Italy, but it turns out that he will be able to do so now. The new arrangement involves the protection of Israeli Shin Bet and an Italian private security agency.

What happened?

A couple of weeks ago Israeli National Broadcaster KAN announced that, because of a strike of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they could not guarantee the security of the Israeli delegation. This Ministry could not provide the General Security Service of Israel with all the necessary information to provide security to their Eurovision delegation.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and on the 14th (Grand Final) in Turin, Italy. Israel will perform second in the second Semi-final on May 12th 2022.


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