The Netherlands: Dany will submit a song for the 2023 Dutch national selection

Dany, who is the winner of The Voice of Holland 2021 has stated, during an interview, that he will submit a song to represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023.

Shortlisted to represent the Netherlands in 2021

The Dutch singer, Dany, also stated that he was on the shortlist to represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Eventually it was singer S10 who earned the ticket to go to the contest of 2022 with her Dutch-language song “De Diepte”, finishing 11th in the Grand Final.

A life-long dream

It is a life-long dream of Dany to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest, and when it comes down to the contest of 2022, he came pretty close, because he was one of the possible four acts to represent the Netherlands.

Source: 8ballmusic on YouTube

Submitting a song for the 2023 Eurovision season

During the interview Dany stated that he is going to submit a song for Eurovision 2023, but since he had put a lot of his time and effort in a possible 2022 participation, he now wants to take on a more laid-back approach. Dany says that he really grew last year, and that a possible Eurovision participation would work far better now than in the past.

The Voice of Holland 2021

Dany became well-known in the Netherlands when he auditioned for the Dutch TV program “The Voice of Holland”, and eventually won the 2021 season. Especially his angelic voice that combined contemporary tones with a Middle-Eastern type of singing became his trademark. He ended up in the team of Anouk, the Dutch 2013 contestant, who came in 9th in the Grand Final in Malmö, Sweden. Many of Dany’s songs during his run in The Voice of Holland were dedicated to his boyfriend, who eventually took his own life about a year after Dany won the TV show.

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