Albania: Junior Eurovision 2022 participation confirmed

While the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is still almost 5 months away, several broadcasters are confirming and developing their participations in order to get the best possible result. Albanian broadcaster RTSH has just confirmed its participation in the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Erevan, Armenia on December 11th, making it the 13th country to do so. 

Albania’s performer at Erevan will be selected by a National Final, called “Junior Fest Albania”. The rules of the National Final have been released by the broadcasters’ different social media websites. and they are announcing it as a show with a completely new formula centre don a big show. The songs have to be between 2:30 and 3 minutes of length and should be directly sent to RTSH. 

As the rules of the contest say, the children who apply should be aged 9 to 14 years old The period of sending entries has already been opened by the broadcaster. The best submissions will procede to the final show, which will be held in Tirana during September, where Albania’s representative will be selected.

This will be Albania’s 8th participation on the contest, having debuted on 2012, being absent on 2013, 2014 and 2020,  and achieving their best score in 2015, where they reached the 5th place when the contest was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the song “Dambaje”, performed by Klesta Qehaya. The rest of performances by Albania were not so fortunate though, as none of them were able to reach the top 10.


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on December 11th 2022, hosted in Karen Demirchyan complex, Erevan by the armenian broadcaster ARMTV, after winning the previous edition with Malena and “Qami qami”. This will make the 20th edition of the contest, and the second to be held in Armenia after choosing the same city and venue of the 2011 edition
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