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Armenia opens the call for entries to select its Junior Eurovision 2022 representative

The long-awaited Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which will take place this coming Sunday 11 December from the Armenian capital of Yerevan, is getting closer and closer. The different participating countries are finalising the details of their entries and in some cases even the selection methods for their nominations. Today we have news from hosts Armenia. ARMTV confirmed a few minutes ago that its representative will be selected through a selection process open to all young people from the Caucasian country.


Along with the announcement, ARMTV has published an application form so that all children of Armenian origin between the ages of 9 and 14 can take part in the process, either as individuals, in pairs or in groups of up to 6 members. In order to apply, it is not necessary to submit an unpublished song, but rather a video of two cover songs of your choice. Once the national representative has been selected, they will work on elaborating the song that will be performed by them on the Junior Eurovision 2022 stage.

The rules also stipulate that the performance of the songs by the candidates during the casting process may not have voice filters or any type of artificial modulator and the voice must be heard clearly in order to be evaluated as objectively as possible. The participants who pass the first phase of the casting will go on to a second phase of the competition in which a professional jury will determine the country’s flag bearer.


If the interest of young Armenians in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is already very high, this year, after the victory of Maléna and her song Qami Qami in the last edition of the contest, there is a massive expectation to discover the host representative of this year’s festival. ARMTV is already promoting the call for artists on linear television, hoping for a massive turnout from the new generation of Armenian singers, who will be looking to match their predecessor’s feat and claim the Caucasian nation’s third historic victory at the Eurofestival


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held in Yerevan, Armenia, on Sunday 11 December. The Karen Demirchyan Complex will host the stage for the show in which artists aged between 9 and 14 from different European countries will fight to be the best voted to win the coveted crystal microphone, the trophy that certifies the victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The organisation of the show by Armenian public broadcaster ARMTV follows the victory of Malena and her “Qami Qami” on stage in Paris on 19 December, which sparked a collective euphoria in her homeland and made the whole country take on the challenge of organising the festival with great enthusiasm and responsibility, which promises to be more special than ever as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022. It will not be the first time that Armenia has hosted a Junior Eurovision, having had the opportunity to do so in 2011, also at the Karen Demirchyan Complex.

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