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Switzerland: Last stage of national selection is in full swing

Last year Swiss Marius Bear ended in 9th place (out of 17) in Semi-final 1, and in the Grand Final he ended in 17th place (out of 25), with the song “Boys Don’t Cry”. Not bad at all, especially since he got 0 points from the public in the Grand Final. In 2023 Switzerland will try again to win the hearts of Europe and beyond.
Source: Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Marius Bear – Boys Don’t Cry (2022)

Internal selection

To internally select the Swiss representative of the 2023 contest the preparations are in full swing, even better, at the end of November 2022 the Swiss national jury was in the final stages of its decision. Ovi Jacobsen (Romanian contestant of 2010 and 2014) has made public on social media that the Swiss are in the last phase to determine their 2023 representative.

Several stages

The internal selection process to determine the Swiss entrant has several stages, and in all stages two juries judge the applications. The first jury consists out of a hundred Swiss television viewers, and the second jury consists out of 20 international music experts, who all have been part of a national Eurovision jury in the past. Each of the juries determines 50% of the overall total.

A Swiss gets priority

The nationality of the performer and the language of the song do not matter, but a Swiss citizen or resident is given priority.

The next Swiss entrant and song will be revealed early 2023.


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