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Belgium 2023: Snippets of national songs released

Since this morning (15-12-2022) there are 14 snippets online of the songs that will compete in the Belgian national final, Eurosong 2023. This year it is up to the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium to choose a contestant; The Flemish- and French-speaking parts of Belgium alternate annually when it comes down to the representative of Belgium.

Snippets of the songs

Today 14 snippets of the competing songs of Eurosong 2023 were released. Each act will perform 2 songs, and there will be 7 acts that compete in the Belgian national final. Eventually just 7 songs will make it into the Grand Final of Eurosong 2023, but how the 7 other songs will be eliminated is yet to be revealed.

Source: AlanTorres YouTube channel, 14 snippets of Belgian Eurosong 2023 songs

The competing acts and songs are the following:

  • Ameerah – The Carnival, geschreven door: Astrid Roelants en Zac Poor / producer: Morgan Taylor Reid
  • Ameerah – Armageddon, geschreven door: Astrid Roelants en Zac Poor / producer: Morgan Taylor Reid
  • Chérine – Ça m’ennuie pas, geschreven door: Chérine Mroue, William Rousseau en François Welgryn / producers: Bjørgen Van Essen, William Rousseau en Hans Francken
  • Chérine – Mon étoile, geschreven door: Chérine Mroue en Hans Francken / producers: Domien Cnockaert en Hans Francken
  • Gala Dragot – Emotion ollie, geschreven door Max Robert Baby en Gala Aliaj / producers: Pepijn Leenders en Max Robert Baby / compositie: Max Robert Baby, Gala Aliaj, Pepijn Leenders
  • Gala Dragot – T‘inquiète, geschreven door Jan Lemmens, Yello Staelens en Gala Aliaj / producers: Mucky en Pepijn Leenders / compositie: Yello Staelens, Jan Lemmens, Pepijn Leenders, Gala Aliaj
  • Gustaph – Because Of You, geschreven door Gustaph en Jaouad Alloul / producers: Gustaph en Willem Vanderstichele
  • Gustaph – The Nail, geschreven door Gustaph / producer: Gustaph
  • Hunter Falls – Home, geschreven door Thomas ‘TK’ Karlsson en Hunter Falls / producer: ​ Douglas Thiele
  • Hunter Falls – Ooh La La, geschreven door Michael Garvin en Hunter Falls / producers: Christoffer Jonsson, Liam Erixon, en John Emil Johansson
  • Loredana – Dream In Colours, geschreven door: Tim Gosden, Maria Broberg, Tristan Henry, Loredana De Amicis en Serge Ramaekers / producers: Tim Gosden, Serge Ramaekers en Pat Krimson (Eurosong 1993 & 2014)
  • Loredana – You Lift Me Up, geschreven door: Udo Mechels (Eurosong 2014), Loredana De Amicis, John Miles Jr. en Pat Krimson (Eurosong 1993 & 2014) / producers: ​ Yannic Fonderie en Pat Krimson
  • The Starlings – Oceanside, geschreven door: Kato Callebaut, Tom Eeckhout, Jeroen Swinnen en Ashley Hicklin (die eerder ook Me And My Guitar schreven) / producers: Jeroen Swinnen en Pele Loriano
  • The Starlings – Rollercoaster, geschreven door onder meer Kato Callebaut, Tom Eeckhout, Laurell Barker, Thomas Stengaard en Andreas Stone Johansson / producer: Thomas Stengaard

Most notable name

The most notable name among these acts is “The Starlings”, because this is a duo of one of which is Tom Dice, who competed for Belgium in the contest of 2010 in Oslo (Norway) with the song “Me and My Guitar”, and came in 1st in the Semi-final and eventually he ended up in 6th place in the Grand Final.

The Belgian national final

The Belgian national final will take place in Belgium’s capital Brussels on January 14th 2023 in the Paleis 12 venue. A combination of a jury of professionals and public votes will determine the 2023 contestant of Belgium. It did not happen since 2016 that Belgium chooses its contestant through a national final.

You can buy tickets for the Belgian national final, Eurosong 2023, by clicking the link:

Eurovision 2022

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 in Turin (Italy) Belgian contestant Jérémie Makiese sang “Miss You”, and in Semi-final 2 he ended up in 8th place, in the Grand Final he came in 19th.

Source: Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Jérémie Makiese – Miss You (2022)



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