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Sweden: SVT opens submissions for Melodifestivalen 2014

Swedish broadcaster SVT has opened submissions for the forthcoming national preselection, Melodifestivalen 2014. This has been run together with the rules and stages to be applied during the selection procedure.

This time, they are going to introduce a new feature to the competition that will remain as long as it is needed: At least 20% of the selected entries are to be written by female composers/lyricists either alone or with male colleagues. This only applies to the Regular contest.

The selection procedure is described below:

● 32 entries will be competing in the 2014 Melodifestivalen, half selected by a panel and half by the festival producers. The panel will make their selection from the submissions for the Regular contest or Public contest as outlined below. 

● The selection panel will choose up to 15 entries from amongst the submissions to the Regular contest, for which both lyrics and music must have been written by at least one composer/songwriter who has already had a musical work published. Entrants must state the ISRC code of previously published works when uploading their submission to the Regular contest. Entries are to be submitted by uploading a sound file to between 3 and 18 September, 2013.

● The selection panel will also select at least one entry from the submissions to the Public contest, which will only accept songs by composer(s)/songwriter(s) who have NOT already had a musical work published. Entries are to be submitted by uploading a sound file to between 3 and 18 September, 2013.

● The remaining 16 entries will comprise special invitations made by SVT or entries that SVT selects from among the submissions. This group of contestants includes the winning artist (though with a different song) from the “Svensktoppen Nästa 2013” contest (P4 Radio), who is guaranteed a place in the next year’s Melodifesitval. 

● Songs can be uploaded to from 9.00 am on 3 September to 08.59 am on 18 September.

Full conditions and rules can be found here.




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