Junior Eurovision: Armenia launches preselection

Armenian broadcaster ARMTV just launch the national preselection for the upcoming Junior Eurovision 2013 to take place in Kiev.

The broadcaster will be accepting applications from July 1st to September 1st following these rules:

  • Childrens’ age interval accepted is between 10 and 15 years, Armenian citizens for at least 2,5 years.
  • Song must have a length of 2.30-2.45 minutes of duration.
  • Armenian language has to be used in the song’s lyrics, other languages are allowed in a 25% of the song’s lyrics.
  • Song has to be new and not be public until June 1st.
  • The composer of the song must be the singer or a person who appears on stage during the performance (10-15 years). An adult is allowed to help since the 2008’s rules.
  • No more than six people have to be on stage during the performance.
  • The broadcaster doesn’t allow the participation to lead singers that have already taken part in the international competition.

Singers and artists have to send their entries in mp3 or CD format  together with the lyrics, passport copy, photos, copyright statement and contact information to RA, 0047, Yerevan, Nork -47 G. Hovsepian 26, Public Television of Armenia.

Armenia has taken part in the competition since 2007 winning two years later with Vladimir Arzumanyan and the song Mama. ARMTV was also the host of the 2011 edition wich took place in Yerevan.




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