Spain reveals selection method for Eurovision 2018

RTVE has just announced the selection method through which they will select the next Spanish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster has revealed that the reality television talent show Operación Triunfo will be used to select the artist who will fly the national flag in Lisbon. This selection show was already used to choose the Spanish entries back in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

The Spanish broadcaster seems to be highly interested in the next year’s Eurovision which will take place in the Iberian Peninsula after 48 years. RTVE, which has recently changed their Head of Delegation, has decided to revive this national selection formula in order to improve their results in their neighbor country. A few months ago, the broadcaster confirmed the return of the show among this year’s plans and it was already rumoured that it could be the national selection show for 2018.

“We have tried to find the best formula to choose our next Eurovision representative. Operación Triunfo is again a successful format that encourages positive values, such as effort and training. It also discovers and supports new talents. Moreover, the current season has generated a lot of social activity and interaction, as well as a special link with the audience.”, said RTVE.

Operación Triunfo and (Junior) Eurovision:

Operación Triunfo is a talent show which was used by RTVE to select the Eurovision entry back in 2002, 2003 and 2004 leading the country to top results. This programme, whose top prize was to represent Spain at Eurovision, gave the competition a record audience in 2002 when Rosa performed Europe’s Living a Celebration in Tallinn.

This national selection format gave Spain three representatives: Rosa López (2002), who got the 6th place, Beth (2003), who came 7th and Ramón (2004), who reached the 10th place. In 2003, the junior version of the format, Eurojunior, was released as selection show for Junior Eurovision.

Operación Triunfo 2017/2018 Season details

RTVE started the broadcast of the new season of Operación Triunfo six weeks ago with 16 candidates entering the show. From the initial 16 soloists, only 11 of them have gone through the first six shows and stay in the Academy.

Every week, the candidates are judged by a three-person jury panel made up of composer, producer and singer Mónica Naranjo, marketing director Joe Pérez-Orive and music executive and producer Manuel Martos, joined every week by a guest juror. Then, it’s up to the audience to decide which of the two nominees by the panel and teachers must leave the Academy.

The two favourites to win Operación Triunfo are Amaia and Alfred, who gave a memorable live performance of ‘City Of Stars’ a few weeks ago:

Operación Triunfo is broadcast live from Barcelona and hosted by Roberto Leal. The Academy is led by Noemí Galera, while Manu Guix is the musical director of the project.

What do you think about this new selection method for Spain? Will the country improve their recent results? Let us know in comments!

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