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Spain: Blas to perform ‘Voy a Quedarme’ at Eurovision 2021

Spain has just selected the song Blas will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The artist will bring us ‘Voy A Quedarme’ to Rotterdam next May.

It was in the public’s hand to decide the composition the Spanish performer will sing in Rotterdam 2021 between two tracks, a catchy uptempo song called ‘Memoria’, and a power-ballad, ‘Voy A Quedarme, which shows the vocal skills of Blas. The artist stated he loved both songs and would be happy with any.

The results of the voting were announced at ‘Destino Eurovisión 2021’, a televised show that featured both songs performed by Blas live on stage, as well as some duets with guests artists. Among the guests, we could enjoy the Eurovision former participants Pastora Soler (2012) and Edurne (2015).

Stage director Marvin Dietmann has assisted the creative team in order to develop a concept for both songs as tonight’s performance will serve as the backing copy in case Blas can’t travel to Rotterdam.


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