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Romania 2024: Chances are high that Romania will not particpate in the upcoming contest

Yesterday, September 8th 2023, it became known that there is some buzz around Romania not participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden).

Romania might withdraw

Romania might withdraw from the upcoming contest, sources from the national broadcaster of Romania claim to have heard, but on the other hand nothing is written in stone just yet.

No funds

The reason for the possible withdrawal of Romania when it comes down to the 2024 contest is that are no funds to support a new participation.

The participation fee to compete in the contest is often (far) more than only the registration amount of 100,000 euro.

The registration deadline is close

The registration deadline to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest is close, since all countries that want to participate have time to give notice until September 15th 2023, which means that Romania has a day or six to decide when it comes down to their participation, which is not that long.

The costs of the Romanian 2023 participation

In 2023 Romania spent 180,000 euro to participate in the contest, and this amount was succeeded by additional costs of no less than 202,500 euro to create their act. So, in total they spent approx. 382,500 euro.

Eurovision 2023

In 2023’s contest in Liverpool (UK) Theodor Andrei sang “D.G.T. (Off and On)” gathering 0 points in total in Semi-final 2, which meant that Romania came in last (out of 16 particpants), and was not in the Grand Final.
Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTUbe channel, Theodor Andrei – D.G.T. (On and Off) (2023)

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