Mishela Rapo to represent Albania at Junior Eurovision!

The Junior Eurovision season has just started and now we know the first star who will be flying to Bulgaria on November!

Mishela Rapo has just won the “Festivali 51 i femijeve” and she will represent Albania with the song “Dambaje” written by Adrian Hila (music) and Pandi Laco (lyrics).

Watch her performance at final below:

  1. Franceska Aurora Verzeroli e Jasmina Dervishi – Vallja femijet i bashkon
  2. Anjeza Sejdia – Ku ta gjej daullen gjyshi
  3. Zhaklina Veizaj – Te dua vendi im
  4. Jasmina Hako – Do te vij nje dite
  5. Amela Buzi – Bota blu
  6. Xhamerino Bollati – Rramp e Bamp e Bum Bum Bum
  7. Elisa Gjipi – Nuk dua te rritem
  8. Livia Murataj – Eksploroj
  9. Klodjan Vata e Igli Bodurri – Bota gjithe dashuri
  10. Amela Agastra – Kurre mos thuaj jo
  11. Dario Zela – Hena Capkenia
  12. Mishela Rrapo – Dambaje
  13. Marko Strazimiri – Nuk di se cfare te them
  14. Wendi Mancaku e Vanesa Sono – Jeto

Mishela Rapo already took part at the national selection for Junior Eurovision 2012 with the song “Mamma Mia Te Amo”.

The winner has been decided by a five-person professional jury, including Juliana Pasha (Eurovision 2010) and Olta Boka (Eurovision 2008), among 14 candidates during a show which has been broadcasted live from Tirana. Other competing songs got special mentions such as Hëna – çapkënia, performed by Dario Zela; and Jeto, performed by Wendi Mancaku and Vanesa Sono. The Albanian representative at Eurovision 2009 Kejsi Tola has performed as guest of the show her song “Carry me in your Dreams”.

Albania will take part at this year’s Junior Eurovision after a two-year absence. The country made its debut at this competition back in 2012 being represented by Igzidora Gjeta and her song “Kam një këngë vetëm për ju” (I have a song for you).

What do you think about the first participant of Junior Eurovision 2015?



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    May 29, 2015 at 01:42

    This could be in a new Disney soundtrack 🙂

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