Latvia: Spotify to be used in Supernova National Final

According to Latvian media today, the national final Supernova, will use data provided by Spotify as part of the overall vote to determine who they send to Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv.

It is the first time that not only Supernova will use this method to help them pick a participant, but also to the whole of the Eurovision. The head of Supernova, Ilze Jansone, stated that:

“With the involvement of Spotify in the competition, we have the opportunity to reach new audience, and to include voting results from real data straight from the fans who listen to the music.  Spotify are working currently on a method to ensure accurate data is captured, and to also make sure that no method of tampering with data is achievable”.

Supernova previously have used online voting to be able to help find the participant for Latvia. However, this step they feel is the way that they can be sure that they find a big hit to send for Eurovision. Petri Manonens from UMG (Universal Music) stated that “With the plays on Spotify, the greater are the chances of it becoming a hit. It is a fact”

Also today, Ilze Jansone has announced the members of an international jury for the national final, – from Germany – Matias Millers from BMG Rights Management and Crazy Planet Records, and from Sweden – Joy Deb, co-writer of the Måns Zelmerlöw song “Heroes”, so it is evident that Latvia are getting seriously about winning Eurovision again.


I offer my suggestion of once again, having Markus Riva in the national final for the fourth time (previously 2014, 2015 and 2016 you can see his previous songs here). Not only is he one of my favourite Latvian music stars, but if they are looking for the big hit to try and win Eurovision, Markus Riva does already have a massive fan base in Eastern Europe, and with the right song and team behind him, I think that Markus could bring about their best result since their win in 2002.

Last year, Justs won the Supernova selection show with song “Heartbeat”, finishing 15th in the Grand Final with 132 points.  The song was written by 2015 entrant Aminata.

Who would you like to see in the Supernova national final for Latvia?  Let us know below in the comments.

Source : LSM.LV

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