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Junior Eurovision 2017: Watch Day 1 rehearsals in Tbilisi II

Today a total of eight participants will step on stage for the first time inside Tbilisi Olympic Palace. Be sure to check our posts regularly, as the latest videos of rehearsals and impressions will be added during the day.

You can find the countries that will rehearse in the second half of the day below:

  • Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou – I Wanna Be A Star (10:40-11:20 h. CET)

As expected, Cyprus comes with a visually beautiful show, so they are relying more on the performance than on the technical musical aspects. The song is, indeed, fun and attractive for a contest like Junior Eurovision, it makes you feel like getting up and dance and the chorus is easy to remember. And the way they created the show was very cleaver, with a platform in the middle and three dancers, who make the stage looks full (in a good way). Orange and yellow are the colors they chose and it’s perfect to create this greek summer atmosphere.

  • FYR Macedonia: Mina Blažev – Dancing Through Life (11:20-12:00 h. CET)

Macedonia came with some really good ideas. One of the things that impress is the slow motion during the ‘oh oh’, while Mina goes up and down the runway. The outfit is a white surgical jacket with a hood. When she turns to the camera the wind put the hood down. The background has a female silhouette dancing – predictable – and some frenetical lines in green and pink.

  • Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze – Voice Of The Heart (12:00-12:40 h. CET)

There’s no doubt that Georgia had the best vocal of the first day of rehearsals. Grigol’s technique is impeccable and he sings with the sweetness of a child and the power of an adult. If he can do a bit more of eye-contact with the cameras, we’ll have the whole package. Talking about cameras, GPB did a great job, starting from the first part, when it’s sepia and there are soft fade-to-black cuts; then, everything is in colors. The background, at first, has a globe with some clouds, but when the song gets stronger, we have a galaxy full of stars and pink and yellow rays. Like in the music video, backing vocals stay on the side, while Grigol is in the middle.

  • Ireland: Muireann McDonnell – Súile Glasa (12:40-13:20 h. CET)

Correct performance by Ireland, fitting the personality of the singer and the style of the song. Muireann is coming with her guitar and she’s using both the stage and the catwalk. The Irish girl looks very likable, a girl you would like to listen to sit by the beach, with a fire pit and a lot of friends. The lights around the stage are light green and the background has stars and rays coming from the center to the extremities. He’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt and she has glitter on the t-shirt and also on her pink hair.


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be held on November 26 at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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Source : Comments - Fabiana Silva (ESCPedia)

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