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Junior Eurovision 2017: Watch Day 1 rehearsals in Tbilisi I

Today a total of eight participants will step on stage for the first time inside Tbilisi Olympic Palace. Be sure to check our posts regularly, as the latest videos of rehearsals and impressions will be added during the day.

You can find the countries that will rehearse in the first half of the day below:

  • Albania: Ana Kodra – Mos Ma Prekni Pemen (7:00-7:40 h. CET)

Small girl with a huge voice. Ana Kodra is very expressive and vocals were flawless all the time. It seems she’s feeling the tree’s pain! As expected, the background is a tree, that starts losing its leafs and then gets new leafs and flowers. Colors are beautiful on cameras: yellow, green, light blue… they used a lot of close camera angles to capture Ana’s emotions and it worked perfectly. Her dress is also very nice – a light blue one, with a fluffy skirt full of flowers on the front. So, it was a great way to start the day!

  • Armenia: Misha – Boomerang (7:40-8:20 h. CET)

Misha looks amazing on his hoverboard, that has a boomerang shape attached to it. They’ve chosen great colors for the background – a sky with tones of yellow, orange, pink and blue. It could be one of the best performances of Junior Eurovision, but the camera work is kinda poor, losing important moves and expressions from the singer. However, the end is very powerful, with a nice close of Misha’s face and he grabbing a boomerang. He’s very elegant, with a brown shirt, a brown tie and black social trousers. Vocals are good.

  • Australia: Isabella Clarke – Speak Up (8:20-9:00 h. CET)

Isabella is having fun and this is clear for us, who are watching her performance. “Speak Up” has a cartoonish background, with graphics in black, yellow and white. Unfortunatellu, lights are the biggest problem here, as, in some moments, it’s too bright and, in some others, it’s too dark. About the camera work, this one was well done, with camera rotations and interesting and not so conventional angles. It’s great that she brought the cards ‘what’s inside me – what’s defines me’, just like in the music video. The choreography is interesting.

  • Belarus: Helena Meraai – I am the one (9:00-9:40 h. CET)

I love how everything works perfectly for Belarus. The beginning is so strong, with close angles of her profile and a bright white light to create a drama. They have a great mix of open shots and close-ups, which make the whole performance consistent. Helena got better since the national final, she worked on her vocals and she never looked that confident. The way the wind blows her pink cape is amazing on the camera and it makes a great effect with the background, that also have a pink cape on it at some points. The end, as the beginning, is also powerful, with the camera travelling away from the singer.


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be held on November 26 at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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Source : Comments - Fabiana Silva (ESCPedia)

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