Joci Pápai to fly the Hungarian flag in Tel Aviv

Hungary has spoken! It’s Joci Pápai who’s carried off the A Dal 2019 title tonight and, singing ‘Az én apám’, will fly the flag for his country again at May’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel

Eight acts competed to get the trophy of this year’s A Dal in the grand final:

The winner was selected through two voting rounds: in the first one, the jury decided which four entries should advance to the second round by their own criteria. Each of the four jurors would announce all their scores after all the acts performed, awarding four sets of marks: 4, 6, 8 and 10 (for their favourite act). Then, the second round involved a public vote to select the victor.


Then, the televote decided Pápai to carry Hungary’s hopes at the biggest TV show in Europe.

30 candidates competed in A Dal 2019 over six weeks of live shows which took place during the last weeks.  Hungary’s 2019 Eurovision dream has only just begun! Let’s wish them the very best of luck for May.

Do you agree with the Hungarian choice? What do you think about their chances in Tel Aviv? Let us know, join the discussion and stay tuned!

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