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Ireland 2023: The “Irish” language returns to the national final

The national final of Ireland, to find its next contestant, will also feature the “Irish” language for the first time since the year 1999. Many people think that in Ireland one speaks English, but “Iris” is an actual language that differs a lot from English, it is the native tongue of the Irish people.

The Irish national final

The Irish national final will take place on February 3rd 2023, and one of the competing songs will feature a part in Irish. The song will be sung by Adgy, and the name of his song is “Too Good for Your Love”. The name of the Irish national final is “Eurosong 2023”, and will be part of the popular Irish TV show, “The Late Late Show”.

The contestants of Eurosong 2023

Below you can find the contestants of Eurosong 2023, the Irish national final.

  • ADGY – Too Good for Your Love
  • Connolly – Midnight Summer Night
  • K Muni & ND – Down in the Rai
  • Leila Jane – Wild
  • Wild Youth – We Are One
  • Public Image Limited – Hawaii

More information about Eurosong 2023

The Irish national final, “Eurosong 2023”, will take place on February 3rd 2023, and will be presented as a special edition of the popular TV show “The Late Late Show”. The final result will be determined by a combination of a national and international jury, and by Irish national televoting.

Eurovision 2022

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 in Turin (Italy) Ireland was represented by Brooke with the ultimate break-up song, “That’s Rich”. Brooke ended in 15th position in Semi-final 2, thus not made it to the Grand Final.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Brooke – That’s Rich (2022)

ESCplus Live

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