Hungary: A Dal swaps Jetlag for Chase!

With only two weeks before Hungary’s national final A Dal beings it’s 2017 season, the head-banging group Jetlag who were set to perform with “Keresem a bajt” have been replaced by handsome pop singer, Chase and his song “Dust In the Wind.”

Scant details were given, but Jetlag were purportedly unable to come to some form of agreement with contest organizers. Considering this announcement happens so close to the beginning of filming, of course speculation turns to why the band have dropped out. For Jetlag’s part, they claim to have made “repeated attempts” to come to some agreement with the A Dal camp. Band Manager Kathy Zsolt in her statement seemed to say that schedules and “recalcitrant” personalities were to blame for Jetlag‘s inability to make participation work  this year with lead singer Molnár Tamás being a main factor. The full quote in native Hungarian can be found here.

Regardless, Jetlag’s concerts at odds with production schedules will cost viewers the opportunity to cheer on a song the band were sure the whole country of Hungary would be “humming” in the future. The band did issue a short apology for not being able to follow through with being a part of the final.

Chase, an alum of a local talent show, will step in to ‘chase’ his dreams of being able to represent Hungary at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in May. Chase Hivatalos, as his friends and family know him, does come with a anthemic pop/R&B song that sounds straight out of the Eurovision play book, falsetto and all. Color this writer intrigued.

Nothing is a cake walk though, as Chase now is added to the list of thirty A Dal participants, including popular Eurovision vet András Kállay Saunders (Eurovision 2014) with his band, and Gigi Radics a popular star who has sought to represent Hungary in 2013 and 2014 as a competitor on A Dal.
The full A Dal field is as follows:
  • Benji – Karcok
  • Berkes Olivér – Ecstasy
  • Calidora – Glory
  • Chase – Dust In The Wind
  • Csondor Kata – Create
  • Fedor KYRA – Got To Be A Day
  • Garay Anna feat Kása Júlia – Jártam
  • Henderson Dávid – White Shadows
  • Kállay Saunders Band – 17
  • Kanizsa Georgina – Fall Like Rain
  • Leander Kills – Élet
  • Mrs Columbo – Frozen King
  • Mujahid Zoltán – On My Own
  • Muri Enikő – Jericho
  • Pál Benjámin – Father’s Eyes
  • Pápai Joci – Be kell csuknod a szemed
  • Peet Project – Kill Your Monster
  • Peter Kovary & The Royal Rebels – It’s A Riot
  • Radics Gigi – See It Through
  • Roma Soul – Nyitva a ház Sapszon
  • Orsi – Hunyd le a szemed
  • Singh Viki – Rain
  • Soulwave – Kalandor
  • Spoon 21 – Deák
  • Szabó Ádám – Together
  • Szabyest – Szerelem kell
  • The Couple – Vége van
  • The Wings – Mint a hurrikán
  • Tóth Andi – I’ve Got A Fire
  • Totova and Freddie Shuman feat Lotfi Begi – Hosszú idők
The first show of A DAl 2017 will be aired on January 14 at 19:30 CET, the Final will be held on February 18 where we will see if Chase can make the most of the opportunity he finds with Jetlag bowing out for this year.

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