Host nation Austria decides tonight for Vienna!

Tonight ORF, after 3 previous shows, is airing the grand final of their national selection proccess called Wer Singt Für Österreich?  6 contenders will fight for the ticket which will lead one of them to the Eurovision stage on his/her own country, do you want to find out who they are?, check it out below:

  • Zoe – Quel Filou
  • Folkshilfe – Who You Are
  • Celina Ann – Utopia
  • The Makemakes – I Am Yours
  • Dawa – Feel Alive
  • Johann Sebastian Bass – Absolutio

The show will take place from ORF’s headquarters in the Eurovision host city, Vienna, at 20:15 and it will be hosted by one of this year’s presenters, Mirjam Weichselbraun. You can watch live clicking either by the following links: Link1 or Link2.


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