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Genealogy to wave the Armenian flag in Vienna!

As it was rumoured these past days back and exactly today morning, ARMTV and has just officially confirmed the group ”GENEALOGY’‘, made up by Tamar Kaprelian (currently living in New York), Inga Arshakyan (ESC 2009 – lives in Japan), Athena Manoukian (from Australia), Essaï (from France) and Vahe Tilbian (Ethiopia), (as reported by Ogae Armenia), to represent the Caucasian land in Austria, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

The names are just kept only as a rumour as they are still to be officially confirmed but it could be easily recognisable to know they are the ones as the map on the official video shows the places where these artists come from and they all exactly match with each singer.

Are they the ones chosen for Genealogy? Find it out from February 16th!

Those artists are originally from Armenia, but they all live in different continents, the idea is ”to unite 5 continents and Armenia through the power of music”, we guess this applies this year’s motto ‘Building Bridges’.

”Peace, unity and tolerance – that will be the key message of the Armenian entry in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest” – reports.

The five artists at the same time symbolize the five petals of the forget-me-not flower. In their centre, the group will be unified by a sixth artist, who will be from Armenia.

Each continent will feature an artist to join an Armenian singer which is still unknown.

The song which will be performed is called ‘Don’t Deny’. 

The first member will be made public on February 16th, so stay tuned to ESC+Plus for the latest news about the Armenian entry and the 2015 projects at the Eurovision Song Contest., Ogae Armenia

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