Eurovision Young Dancers 2015 today!

The 15th edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers will take place today live from Pilsen (Czech Republic)!

A total of 10 countries will compete at tonight’s show. Check the running order below:

  1. Slovenia: Staša Tušar – Gardenfound (Choreographer: Tanja Pavlič)
  2. Norway: Trine Lise Moe – Flux (Choreographer: Masja Abrahamsen)
  3. Slovakia: Valéria Stašková – La Esmeralda (Choreographer: Marius Petipa)
  4. Malta: Anthea Zammit – “Ticrita” – Tear Apart (Choreographer: Dorian Mallia)
  5. The Netherlands: Thijs Hogenboom – Variation of the Male Flame (Choreographer: Thom Stuart)
  6. Group dance of first five dancers
  7. Poland: Viktoria Nowak – Piece in Old Style (Choreographer: Jacek Przybyłowicz)
  8. Albania: Klaudio Begaj – Scream of life (Choreographer: Arjan Sukniqi)
  9. Sweden: Agnes Klapp – L´apres midi (Choreographer: Mia Stagh)
  10. Germany: Thomas Rohe – Senses (Choreographer: Thomas Rohe)
  11. Czech Republic: Helena Nováčková – Soldier On My Own (Choreographer: Jana Kovačević Spiessová)
  12. Group dance of second five dancers

The event will be hosted by Libor Bouček and the winner will be decided by a three-person professional jury, made up of Jiří Bubeníček, Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé and Zenaida Yanowsky, after two voting rounds including a superfinal.

Follow the show live at 20.00 CET below:



The Eurovision Young Dancers competition was first staged in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1985. It is staged every two years, although took a break from 2005-2011 for the Eurovision Dance Contest. Spain has won the competition the most times, five, whilst Sweden, Belgium, and Switzerland have all come second twice.



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