Eurovision Latin America is “officially” on its way!

Next to Canada and the US, now Latin America decided on initiating their own Eurovision Song Contest spin-off.

A new version of the Eurovision Song Contest

After the American Song Contest which was held for the first time this year, a new version of the world’s most beloved music festival, the Eurovision Song Contest, will get a Latin American spin-off under the name “Eurovision Latin America”. A couple of weeks ago Canada also announced that it will initiate its own version of the contest in 2023.

Eurovision is very popular in Latin America

The Eurovision Song Contest, which Europeans (and beyond) already know since 1956, is very popular in Latin America, so that this continent wants its own version comes as no surprise. In Latin America countries, like Argentina. Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, take the crown when it comes down to watching the European version of the contest in countries that do not participate in the original European contest. The Latin American version of the contest is at odds with “Hispavisión”, which the Spanish National Broadcaster either wanted or wants to organize in 2023 in Cartagena de Indias. 

Approved by the European Broadcasting Union

Eurovision Latin America has been proposed and approved by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), since they are the original proprietors of the Eurovision format. The Latin American version of the contest will be produced by Christer Björkman, Anders Lenhoff, Ola Melzig, Peter Settman, and Greg Lipston, but also the producers of the American Song Contest and the Eurovision Song Contest Canada.

Map - Latin America

The first ever Eurovision Latin America

The first step to take is to find a host country, and subsequently a host city where the first Eurovision Latin America will be held. The focus in this regard is on the countries that show a great interest for the European version of the contest. The thing that is also very important is that the latest iterations of the Eurovision Song Contest need to elevate the “Eurovision” brand, while at the same time maintain local cultural representation.

Hispavisión by the RTVE

Above we mention Hispavisión, a format similar to the Eurovision Song Contest, that the Spanish National Broadcaster RTVE wanted to organize in accordance with the EBU. That the EBU approved the plans for Eurovision Latin America slims the chances of Hispavisión ever becoming a real thing, because the plans for Hispavisión are quite similar to Eurovision Latin America.

The American Song Contest 2022

The American Song Contest 2022, which was broadcasted by the American TV channel NBC, and had an eight-week run, concluded its first edition on May 9th 2022, and was won by Alexa with a Kpop style song. The Canadian version of Eurovision will be held for the first time in 2023.

All song contest versions

When we have more information about either the Eurovision Song Contest Canada, Eurovision Latin America, The American Song Contest or even the Eurovision Song Contest for that matter, we will inform you on ESCplus International!


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