Eurovision 2015: Jury Semifinal 1 tonight!

After the rehearsals from all this year’s participating countries last week inside Wiener Stadthalle, today becomes the first day when some of them will come together on stage as if it was the live show and even though it is not going to be aired on TV but it is also an important soiree for them as the jury members from the 16 countries taking part in the 1st semifinal will cast the half of the final outcome of this show. The other 50% will be decided by the televoting in each of the nations allocated to vote in the first part of this year’s contest.

The line-up for today and tomorrow’s show looks as it follows:

  1. Moldova
  2. Armenia
  3. Belgium
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Finland
  6. Greece
  7. Estonia
  8. FYR Macedonia
  9. Serbia
  10. Hungary
  11. Belarus
  12. Russia
  13. Denmark
  14. Albania
  15. Romania
  16. Georgia

All 16 countries will be joined by Austria, France, Australia and Spain to cast their votes.

As reports, all jury members are music professionals, who are asked to judge:

  • Vocal capacity
  • The performance on stage
  • The composition and originality of the song
  • The overall impression by the act

The EBU looks into each jury member together with Digame and PwC, to assure they meet the requirements to take seat in a national jury.

The following criteria is applied in the selection of the jury members:

  • Members shall not have been part of a National Jury the preceding two years.
  • Members of the National Juries must be music industry professionals.
  • There shall be a balance among the members of each National Jury to ensure sufficient representativeness in terms of gender, age and background.
  • All members of the National Juries shall be citizens of the country they represent.
  • No member of a National Jury shall be connected in any way with any of the participating songs entered and/or artists performing in the Eurovision Song Contest in such a way that they cannot vote in complete independence and impartiality Judges signed a declaration stating they will vote independently. also informed who was forming the jury in each of the participating countries three weeks ago, where some faces from previous Eurovision Song Contest editions were easily recognizable.


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7 thoughts on “Eurovision 2015: Jury Semifinal 1 tonight!

  1. Nothing bad against Amber and her song but Malta has very likely a pacts on the jury side with, for example with Armenia, Montenegro, Azerbaizan. Malta has very most likely been doing agreement behind the scenes with other countries for many years, already in Eurovision 2002, they were accused of cheating in the jury. All jurymember should vote independently in the contest and all countries according the rules in the contest

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