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ESC+Plus: Merry Christmas to you all!

Ho ho ho, dear Eurovision fans and ESC+Plus readers around the globe! From every and single member of our team, we want to wish you Merry Christmas and hope you all are having great moments during these days, which should be filled with love, happiness, magic and, of course, surrounded by loads of your most beloved people, friends and family. What’s next to come apart from a punch of new songs and breakout artists in 2017? It is really important that health, warm and positive feelings prevail. Moreover, Santa Claus from Saara Aalto’s homeland in Lepland has brought a lot of gifts and presents under your green spruce at home.

It has been a great year when it comes to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision and that’s why we have created an special video below, which shows how two impressive and exciting voices from Ukraine and Georgia took the trophy over another talented acts from every corner around the old continent. Haters and non-lovers away, we all must agree on the fact Jamala and Mariam Mamadashvili shone bright over all expectations due to their stunning performances of “1944” and “Mzeo”, but we truly know everyone was good in their very own way and every participating artist from every National Selection around Europe must keep on trying to achieve the dream of performing at the Eurovision. Why couldn’t 2017 be their successful year?

Thank you all for your visits, for trusting on our content and feeling our passion and devotion for the EBU’ productions throughout the year, we will be going on trying our best in the upcoming year, but for now, it is time to enjoy. Have a joyful time and happy Christmas season!

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