Armenian broadcaster call for songs, send yours now!

The Armenian public has chosen Artsvik to send to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine, and now she needs a song! Artsvik Harutyunyan, as she is known to her family, was recently voted above all others by the Armenian public and a panel of expert international juries during the show Depi Evratesil.  Now a call has been issued for potential songs for the burgeoning power vocalist.

Songs must be delivered by January 30 and abide by standard Eurovision rules:

  • The song must never have been performed or broadcast
  • The song cannot be longer than 3:00 (give or take a few seconds)
  • The song can be of any genre or sung in any language

Potential songwriters can send submissions to Once decided, the song Artsvik will sing will be revealed to the public at a later date.

After waffling between Artsvik and rival Marta, both the public televote and juror vote heavily favored Artsvik for the win giving 40% and 31% respectively in the 50/50 split vote. Marta received 10% and 19%.

The votes of the jury, made up of musicians from the Armenian diasporacame from the following:

  • Araqsya Musheghyan, music producer and composer from Russia
  • Artur Aharonyan, composer-pianist from France
  • Anais Heghoyan, opera singer from the UK
  • Karen Asatryan, a musician and composer from Austria
  • Artur Gurunlyan, director of choreography from the UK
  • Iskuhi Ablayan, singer from Belarus
  • Rita Movsesyan, jazz ethno-pop singer from Austria

One element of Armenia’s 2017 Eurovision bid has been decided. Now, the second part is up to musicians and composers from around the world. The song will be key. Will Artsvik soar to the top of the leader board come May? Have your say in the comments below.


About Derrick Schiff (USA)

Derrick Schiff (USA)

One of those rare creatures, the American Eurovision fans, I found the Eurovision pool and dived in head first. More knowledgeable about the current years, I’m excited to watch as Eurovision evolves into the credible launching platform for the finest pop acts in Europe and the World.

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